Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Harlequin Greeting Cards

I've been a busy lil' beaver making these repurposed vintage Harlequin book cards. I've always loved these books; the covers, the synopsis', the language, the titles, everything; the idea to turn them into greeting cards hit me a few months ago while trying to find the perfect cards to send to my darling friends who had just moved to Edinburgh. 

Being book nerds we used to love reading the titles of all the monthly Harlequins; titles that ranged from creepy (Bride of Convenience, Baby of Shame), to ethnocentric and eroticizing the 'other' (the Virgin and the Sheik), to downright kidnap and rape (the Billionaire's Reluctant Bride). 

I love sending mail (being of an age where I had pen-pals growing up -- real pen-pals -- prior to the age of email) almost as much as I love receiving it and being a bit of a pack-rat I keep every letter, every note, every card I ever receive, I thought it would be nice to make cards that people would want to not only keep but display and so here are some of the fruits of my labour. 

Buy them here!

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