Friday, September 3, 2010

Peeling Plaster

Call me a romantic or call me bohemian but I love love love the look of peeling plaster. I want my next apartment to look like one of the photographs out of Robert Polidori's Havana. That aesthetic sends shivers down my spine; so beautiful. I would give just about anything to be able to live in a decrepit old mansion complete with sagging ceilings, giant cob-webby chandeliers and piles and piles of books stacked on every available surface.
A few years ago after looking at Polidori's book on Havana, Rebekah and I decided that we should sell off everything and move to Cuba; a rather short-lived dream and certainly one of many (a few months later it was sell everything and move to Mexico). A horrible person we were once friends with, took every opportunity he could rub in our faces all of our aborted dreams; for a long time we abandoned our fantasies and stopped day-dreaming. We started trying to just live in our realities and we stopped letting our imaginations roam, it was a very sad time. Luckily, we cut that dull living business loose as well as that crappy friend and now we are dreaming big again and this time we are actually following up on some of those dreams. Moral of the stories, kiddies, is to follow your nose... I mean heart. And dream big and dream often.

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