Monday, November 8, 2010

Christopher Hitchens, She Ain't

It has been a widely and long held belief that women aren't funny. John Belushi said so, as did Chevy Chase (despite working along side Jane Curtin, Laraine Newman and Gilda Radner) and noted comedic genius Islamophobe Atheist, Christopher Hitchens.

But, what those dudes (and, I imagine legions of Dane Cook fans) don't realize is how hard it is to have ovaries AND a sense of humour. When are we supposed to be irreverent and silly? Between watching Katherine Heigel movies and eating salad? Um, I don't think so, that's when yoga class is! 

Being funny is hard for women; like a dog walking on it's hind legs, that shit's unnatural.
Now, finally a woman has come forward to truly illustrate all the obstacles facing us when we try and bring levity to the mix. She, brave, trail-blazer soul that she is, set out to write a comedy piece for a website that went all affirmative action and called for funny ladies to submit work. A sample:
And so I did that. I tried on all my clothes, and I felt better until I tried on one pair of pants that didn’t fit me anymore. And then I totally started to cry again, because I am so fat.  I cried for a little while on the floor while my cats crawled all over me, purring and being symbols of how lonely I am. My cats love to be symbols of my loneliness. Sometimes, I have to be like, “Stop signifying so loudly guys, I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy!”
She may not have succeeded but bless her lil' heart for trying. 

Thanks to Feministe for re-posting the original and to Wendy Molyneux for telling it like it is. Please, please, please read the rest, it's hilarious.

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