Monday, November 1, 2010

Vanity Fair: Actors Acting

You know how Vanity Fair has that feature where they give actors some scenario (you are seventy years old and have just smoked your first joint) and then take a picture of the face they make that encompasses the scenario? Well, these are some of our friends, Erica, James and Ethan, and us taking our own Vanity Fair Actors Acting pictures. This is seriously the best game ever. Ever.

You are a roller derby coach/booky who just lost $100 from roller not taking dive. And, you NEED that $100.

You are six years old and have just walked in on your parents "doing it".

You just ran over your neighbours' cat.

You're an astronaut who has discovered vampire aliens. And they are gnawing on your leg as we speak!

You're on a date and you walk into her room and discover a...swing. A sexy-time swing.

You're a nazi, zombie scientist who has just discovered the cure for eating tumours

Your watch is broken and the only way to fix is to sleep with Nazi zombies, "what'cha gonna do?"

You are watching your cat give birth. To a dog.
beer empty, no beer ever again

You are falling into a manhole.
Your pants are on fire. And, you're in the ocean.

You're in a job interview being interviewed by Nazi zombies

You are being flashed by Nazi zombies. And, this has made your head disappear!

You've realized your head has disappeared!

Nazi zombies have aren't reaching for your neck through the window.
Something about Nazi zombies seemed particularly hilarious that night... 

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