Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wednesday Walkabout

  • Jean-Michel Basquiat would have turned 50 this December.  Vanity Fair has some rare and lovely snapshots, including this one of him and his girlfriend, Kelle Inman.  
  • I have yet to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, but thanks to the Torontoist feature Reel Toronto, I can see all the locations where the movie was filmed now.  Actually, I can see all the locations by looking out the window or taking a walk to the corner, but that's neither here nor there.
  • Since we're on the topic of movies filmed in Toronto, I'm actually watching Toronto Stories  (2008, Aaron Woodley, Sook-Yin Lee, Sudz Sutherland, David Weaver) as I type this.  I think this little film, while imperfect, was incredibly underrated.  And the Sook-Yin Lee segment (neurotic girl meets neurotic boy,  girl overanalyzes every word boy says while trying to figure out if he likes her, boy says he doesn't like her, girl attempts relationship with boy anyways) I am convinced, was based on my life.  Good times.
  • This is terrifying.  Even if scientists can prove (and they have) that global warming is a threat (it is), there are still religious wing-nuts in power who believe that it is a good thing.   
  • I'm still sick, but hoping that these tips on how to battle the common cold might work.  Get me to a neti pot, pronto!
  • When Doves Cry is one of my favourite songs.  Ever.  Two of my favourite artists, Robyn and Patti Smith, have covered it.  Listen to both versions (and a few others) over at the awl.  Decent, but I still prefer the original.
  • Hope everyone's having a good week, okay I love you bye-bye!

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