Saturday, December 4, 2010

Worst Person of the Week

I recognize that this is going to be a bit of a rant, but I don't apologize for it.  This week, my vote for worst person goes to Gary D. Naler, Author of "The Curse of 1920"  where he writes:

"In 1920, a three-pronged Curse was unleashed upon America and the world, effecting the most dramatic and destructive changes to man since the Garden of Eden.  This three-pronged Curse is: the women’s rights movement; jazz, rock ‘n’ roll, and rap; and abortion and euthanasia.
The Curse of 1920 chronicles the wholly destructive affects of this Curse, affording conclusive evidence from multiple sources, and critically gets to the very root of our nation’s most compelling governmental, social, and religious problems.

As this book clearly reveals, the root of this Curse lies in women, the black man, feminized men, the church, and is even rooted 3,726 years before in Abraham.
But exposing these problems is only the beginning; for unless we take specific measures to reverse the Curse of 1920, it will continue to destroy us! These measures are clearly laid out here."

Seriously.  Also see this little gem on his blog about the failure of the women's rights movement.  Yeah, just go and blame Eve and her daughters for all the evils in the world, moron!  I know, the Internet is the perfect breeding ground for this sort of infectious virus, and it would be easy to dismiss this guy as just another wing-nut, and yeah, I hate that I'm even giving him any thought or space on this blog, but I am just so appalled that anybody would:

a) think the horribly racist, misogynistic things he has thought
b) put it down in writing (I'm actually shocked that this guy has the ability to read or write) 
c) fucking PUBLISH the rantings and ravings of this lunatic
d) that Amazon would SELL this, and that people would fucking READ it, and even agree with him. 

I really can't stand it when idiots like this go and blame the supposed decline of civilization on, you know, the granting of basic human rights to EVERYONE.  The very idea that our society is worse now than in generations past is complete and utter bullshit, so don't even... 

The thing about divorce rates and the supposed decline of society sincerely pisses me off. For one thing, we are living much longer lives than our ancestors did.  OF COURSE divorce rates are higher now!  And, WHO THE FUCK cares if divorce rates are higher?  Good!  That means that more people are living longer, healthier, and HAPPIER lives, because they are not stuck in loveless or abusive marriages.  They have options now, jeezus!  You wanna tell me about broken homes?  How about having half of your siblings (from several different mothers, who probably died in childbirth) die before they reach the age of 5?  Don't tell me about the instability of the family unit, cause it's more stable (at least for the privileged few) than it has ever been.

I recently learned that the church that my dad was raised in does not allow women to vote (so, like, ALL my aunts, cousins, oma, etc...) in matters of church OR state.  I was livid when I discovered that these women have just given up their rights willingly!  The rights that other women have fought so hard for. They don't believe it is a woman's duty, or her place. I suppose we should be relieved, since they'd likely vote uber-conservative if they could.  But no, my outrage supersedes my fear of more right-wing voters.

So, I could dismiss this author as a harmless nut job, but there is no such thing.  There are people who buy into this, who use religion as an excuse for homophobia, racism, and misogyny.  And that is why Gary Naler is the worst person of the week.


  1. He sounds like a real charmer!

    Alas, he's not the only nutbag out there who thinks that all the problems of the world can be traced back to women having the right to vote. I have a whole category devoted to these nitwits on my blog.

    A couple of posts:

    Let's just take away their right to vote!

    And this woman -- yes, woman -- think that women being allowed to vote is a symptom of lost faith in manhood.

  2. Did you hear about "The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure"? Amazon was selling it.

  3. Or when Amazon was deranking all the LGBT literature and classifying it as "adult". Bless their little homophobic hearts!

  4. Thank you for the links, David! I'm a big fan of your blog and I really admire you for dredging through all that sludge on the internet so that we can all be more aware of what we're up against.