Saturday, January 29, 2011

H*A*S*H tag

Okay, so shit's getting awfully serious these days; first it was the protests in Albania (which I take particular interest in after spending 6 months there in 2010), then Tunisia, Lebanon, Libya, Algeria, Jordan, Yemen and Egypt. Oh, EgyptAfter being glued to Twitter and Al Jazeera English witnessing a televised revolution (with a short break halfway through the day for a job interview), I needed a bit of levity. So late last night when the #HipsterSitcoms hashtag appeared on Twitter, it was exactly what I needed to end the day on a lighter note. Paste Magazine posted some of their favourites here, but I wanted to share some of my faves, and the ones I came up with because, well, because it's my blog and I'll show off how clever I am if I want to, isn't that what blogs are for? :P

I came up with these:

Love, American Apparel Style
The Essex Green Acres
Hangin' With Matthew Robert Cooper
Mary Thurston Moore
All in the Akron/Family
Graphic Designing Women
Only Fools and Band of Horses
Welcome Back, Tumblr
The Facts of This American Life
Father Knows Best Coast
30 Yacht Rock
Barney Miller High Life
(Hooking Up With) Perfect Strangers 

Some of my favourites from others:

The Bonny Prince Billy of Bel-Air (Holy Mountain)
Ambivalent About You (theleanover)
Friends...With Benefits (Crutnutcracker)
Jeers (lizzwinstead)
I Honestly Can't See Myself Married With Children (DonStahl)
Big Beard Theory (Notgiamatti)
Parker Lewis Can't get a Job (DJRotaryRachel)
Curb Your Ennui (talabi)

These were too easy:

Arrested Development
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Bored To Death

Did you come up with any? Once you start, it's hard to stop.

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  1. If I don't know most of the references does that make me not a hipster (awkward sentence alert!)?

  2. That depends on whether it's the sitcom part of the references that you don't get, or the "hipster" parts. And also, you might not know the ones that reference band names, but don't tell me you didn't get the ones that poke fun of hipster culture. And also, your very resistance to being labeled a hipster might in fact be the very definition of being one. Sorry, I know how much you hate that :P