Monday, January 3, 2011

Portraits of Women, 1974-1977.

Jackie Burroughs, Actress

The University of Saskatchewan archives are home to a fascinating collection of portraits by photographer John Reeves.  Commissioned by Lorraine Monk in 1975 for the International Year of the Woman, the photos document Canadian women of achievement from various walks of life.  While the arts, authors, and performance galleries are fun to browse for all of the familiar faces they contain (including the lovely Jackie Burroughs, above, who passed away recently and was a familiar face in our neighbourhood, as well), I also enjoy looking through the portraits of judges, scientists, clairvoyants, and manicurists in the other "less glamourous"  galleries.  These women look at the camera like they would an old friend, about to share their deepest secrets.  Some are humorous, others haunting, but all have the power to entrance and capture the imagination.

Constance Nozzolio, Scientist

Vicky Crowe, Craft Manufacturer and Retailer
Karen Kain, Ballerina
Beryl Fox,  Documentary Film Maker
Buffy Sainte-Marie, Singer
Dorothy Wyatt, Mayor
Margaret Laurence, Writer
Joan Fox, Film Historian

 All photos courtesy of John Reeves and The University of Saskatchewan Archives.

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