Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Songs: In the Mood

A friend recently asked his Twitter followers what albums got them feeling hot'n'heavy. That's where the idea for this week's Sunday Songs came from. These are the songs that, ummm, (close your ears, Mom!) do it for me... yeah. I realize they may not have the same effect on everyone, so this list is purely subjective and for entertainment purposes only... enjoy (responsibly).

Get Up- Chk Chk Chk!!!

Rock'n'Roll Fantasy, Pink Mountaintops

Do Me Baby, Prince

Ambulance, TV on the Radio

Emancipation, Moving Units

Feel Like Makin' Love, D'Angelo

I Do What I Want, When I Want, Xiu Xiu

Soon I'll Be Loving You Again, Marvin Gaye

First Breath After A Coma, Explosions in the Sky


  1. nice call on the explosions in the sky. my top picks would be james blake's 'wilhelm scream', the xx 'intro' and hot chip 'over and over.'