Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Apathy is History



Last Friday, University of Toronto students came together to encourage young people to get out there and vote. Beginning at Queen's Park and walking towards the advance polling station at Bathurst and Bloor, the vote mob was smaller than I would have hoped, but inspiring nonetheless. Our last election had the lowest turnout in voting history, and with only 37% of voters 18-25 participating, it's extremely encouraging to see university students doing what they can to combat apathy and celebrate democracy.

It's very, very important that you vote on May 2, if you haven't already. Alex and I went on Monday to the advance polling station and did our part for democracy (we always get chills when we vote, don't you? It's so exciting!), as we won't be here on election day (and if a certain person remains in charge of this country, we might have a really hard time coming back).

(photos: Rebekah Hakkenberg)

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