Sunday, April 10, 2011

Free Ai WeiWei

via The All Day Everyday Project
From Al Jazeera English: 
"Ai, an outspoken government critic, has not been seen since apparently being taken into custody after he was barred from boarding a Hong Kong-bound flight at a Beijing airport on Sunday morning.
His disappearance comes as Chinese security services carry out a massive crackdown on lawyers, writers and activists following online calls for protests in China similar to those in the Middle East and North Africa. 
Dozens have recently been taken into custody with little word from authorities about where they are being held, who is holding them or the crimes that they are suspected of having committed."

Watch this video.
"Study of Perspective - White House" 
"Study of Perspective - Tiananmen Square"

As more and more dissidents disappear without a trace, China's government has told the U.S to mind their business when it comes to human rights. Meanwhile, Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo is still in prison, as are "many dozens, if not hundreds of dissidents, human rights activists and persistent protesters." (The Guardian)

Sign the petition for Ai WeiWei's release here.

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