Monday, April 11, 2011

This is the Bee's Knees

Howard University flappers watching a football game via

book flaps just posted a fascinating find: an excerpt from a 1922 copy of Flapper, entitled A Flapper's Dictionary. I just love this. I want to run around telling people that they are Boob Ticklers and Crumb Gobblers. But that might not go over very well...

Some gems:

Dewdropper—Young man who does not work, and sleeps all day.
Dingle Dangler—One who insists on telephoning
Fire Extinguisher—A chaperone.
Handcuff—Engagement ring.
Lens Louise—A person given to monopolizing conversation.
Mustard Plaster—Unwelcome guy who sticks around.
Rock of Ages—Any woman over 30 years of age.
Strike Breaker—A young woman who goes with her friend’s “Steady” while there is a coolness.
Trotzky—Old lady with a moustache and chin whiskers.
Umbrella—young man any girl can borrow for the evening.

Read the whole thing here.


  1. My favourite is "handcuff" for engagement ring.

  2. ahaha! i love these. i also feel like "dingle dangler" is a phrase frequently used by Bertie Wooster in P.G Wodehouse's novels. which therefore makes me love it even more.