Thursday, June 16, 2011

Worst Person of the Week: The Dick-Weed Who Writes that Shitty Comic, Dilbert

Scott Adams is an idiot. To save you the painful experience of actually going to his blog here is a summary of his post entitled Pegs and Holes (yep):

Scott Adams thinks that a vast woman conspiracy is keeping men from doing what they really want which is to rape women ALL THE TIME. It's man's nature, yo! And, this incessant rape-policing is making men unhappy. Need an example? Lions eat zebras who dare drink water! Need another less convoluted example? Well, everyman, Hugh Hefner, tried to get married and something, something, something... MEN JUST WANNA RAPE WOMENZ! Don't worry, there's a solution! No, it's not that society should condemn rape and rape culture, it's that everyone should be drugged so that sex becomes a thing of the past like that amazing show, Outback Jack! And, let's hope, Dilbert.

Good grief. Scott, just because you want to rape women doesn't mean that every other man is with you or that you are justified in raping a woman by quoting evolutionary science or that you are anything other than a piece of human garbage. 


  1. I had no idea... Not that I actually read Dilbert. Just remember shelving Adams in Business and Comics.

    Is this a new revelation? Or is he known for such comments?

  2. Yeah, he's pretty Libertarian and misogynistic. There was this debacle on Feministe a couple months ago:

    It's really hilarious because Adams actually starts commenting and defends himself by saying that no one gets it because of "reading comprehension". Loser.