Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Cens(less)us Conversation

I finally filled out my census! Online! It was so easy! Well, not that easy, as the access number they gave me was missing 2 digits, but we got it sorted out. Now, the girl that comes around who I usually hide from will only be harassing our neighbours, and I will be able to walk right past her with my head held high! I am the World's Greatest! What follows is the actual Facebook conversation I had with Alex while attempting to do my civic duty:

25 minutes ago
Alex Snider
  • this is the access code that's on the other census form we got: 5xx 3xx 6xx 2xx 5xx

12 minutes ago
Rebekah Hakkenberg
  • Thanks! It worked! Weird, it's a totally different number from the one I had...
  • now, what's my phone number?

10 minutes ago
Alex Snider
  • 416 520 0xxx
  • goofball

7 minutes ago
Rebekah Hakkenberg
  • shit, I put down 520 5xxx, thought it might be wrong, so I put your # down instead! Your bday is sept 2 1983? or 84? If I'm wrong you can't be mad cause I don't even know my own phone number!
  • yeah, it's on your profile. Also, I was totally right!
  • should i put down common law?

5 minutes ago
Alex Snider
  • I don't know what to say to any of this.