Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Jack Sunday

We watched Mario Van Peeble's 1991 classic New Jack City last night and oh, man... this movie is such a mess, but god damn I love it! Mario Van Peebles sure is pretty, but I'm not totally convinced he knew what he was doing with this film. Now don't get me wrong, it's incredibly entertaining, and about a very important subject: the crack epidemic of the '80s and the drug lords behind it. But. Why is Van Peeble's suddenly holding a baby in that scene on the beach? Why are they on a beach? Why does Ice T suddenly decide to berate Chris Rock's Pookie, the reformed crackhead, after spending months helping him get clean in a bizarre Rocky Balboa-like montage, thus sending him right back to the white rock from which he just broke free? I don't get it. Still, this movie is totally worth it for the soundtrack and fashion and set design alone - Nino Brown's mansion looks like a cross between the U.S.S Enterprise and Dracula's castle. And the Kangol hat that looks like hair! And also, for the scenes when Judd Nelson just hangs out in the background, hoping nobody will notice that his character doesn't actually have anything to do. Ahh, but I digress... the music! I love me some New Jack Swing, the first three video's are from the official soundtrack, the rest are my new jack picks:

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