Sunday, July 24, 2011

Woohoo, New York!

Today hundreds of lesbian and gay couples lined up to be wed, marking the first day the legislation which legalized same-sex marriage was in effect. An amazing day for LGBT people as the fight for equal rights took a step forward, and a monumentally special day for those couples who were among the first in New York state to be legally married. 

The New York Times and the Guardian are both featuring photo galleries of newlyweds and looking through them I feel such joy in my heart for all the happy faces. It brings tears to my eyes to see all the couples exercising their hard-won right.

I will never understand those who are against same-sex marriage, never understand endorsing discriminatory and hateful policies, never understand homophobia but today, all those people who count on the law to back up their bigotry have lost. And they will continue losing as more and more states, countries and nations recognize same-sex marriage. 

So, congratulations to all the newlyweds, to all lesbian and gay people who have seen their right to marry their partners solidified in one more state. 

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