Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Change This Way Comes: What Fresh Hell is This?

Rebekah and I have been toying the idea of changing the blog a wee bit and we've decided to go for it. Nothing major except that it effects EVERYTHING! It might even effect YOU! Cats and dogs living together! Am I being deliberately coy in not divulging what the change is? Yes, I absolutely am. Building suspense is the number one rule to building suspense according to my How to Build Suspense: Simplicity is for Suckers by M Night Shyamalan.

The change, dear friend, is that while the name Once Again, to Zelda is fantastic (it has a certain old-timey charm, literary reference and, let's face it, Zelda Fitzgerald is all kinds of rad) it is not really working for us at this point. There is an online book club by that name, a Zelda Fitzgerald bio-pic starring Keira Knightly (wut?!) coming out, Scott Fitzgerald is a complete dick-weed (I am kind of all about referring to dead people in the present tense) and we just generally don't feel that Once Again, to Zelda doesn't necessarily convey the tone of our blog. So... *drum roll please* we are changing the name to *continue drum roll* What Fresh Hell is This?

It's pretty great right? It certainly sums up our proclivity for ranting and social justice. Plus it's a Dorothy Parker quote and she's kind of the greatest. I did have a previous blog by that title but it's now defunct. BTW guys, my personal blog is now defunct. 

There you have it! New title! New beginnings! A new URL will follow but not for a couple weeks, we'll give plenty of warning for those who have us bookmarked. 

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