Saturday, September 24, 2011

Good News, Everyone! by Alex Snider

We can be found so many other places on the interwebs aside from here, where you are right now. Rebekah's got her Tumblr (which is just so beautiful and amazing -- I go there when I'm feeling particularly stressed out because all the prettiness just calms me right the frakk down) and her Flickr (why the hate for the e, Internet?), we've each got Pinterest (mine is mostly just repinning Rebekah's stuff because again, she's got the skillz for finding pretty things), there's Twitter (@grebnekkah and @what_freshhell), Facebook (Alex and Rebekah Like This!) and now... a Tumblr for just our book stuff! Hurray for book stuff! It's been long dormant but I'm going to start Tumbling again (heh) and adding to it. 

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