Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Headline is Worth a Thousand Words by Alex Snider

You can really tell a lot from each of these paper's headlines regarding Harper's recent Islamicism-is-killing-Canada fear-mongering interview and where they stand in the political spectrum/allegiances (not that there are any surprises to be had).

From the Globe and Mail: Harper's 'Islamicism' quip draws heavy opposition fire (Gah, the pesky opposition and their pearl-clutching at an innocent 'quip'.)

From the CBC: Harper says 'Islamicism' biggest threat to Canada (no-nonsense statement of how our PM views Islam and Muslims.)

From the Toronto Sun: Tories to bring back special anti-terror powers for cops (yay for more cop-power especially when it involves denying human rights to Muslims!)

From the National Post: Monstrous Crocodile captured in Philippines (not relevant to Harper unless in an analogy he is a giant crocodile and the dead farmer is multiculturalism. I just really want you to see how big that sucker is. IT BIT OFF A GIRL'S HEAD. HORRIFYING.)

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