Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Book Blurb of the Day: Cementing 'The Odyssey' into the 90's by Alex Snider

From the book jacket of Robert Fagles' translation of Homer's the Odyssey:

Fagles' fresh translation of Homer's classic is enough to make you tune out the Smashing Pumpkins and turn off Melrose Place. The peerless epic about the travels of Odysseus remains as mesmerizing as when is was first chanted on Greek hillsides almost 2,700 years ago. 
– People Magazine
Other references they missed: 

Odysseus should have told Poseidon to eat his shorts.

Nausicaa is just a virgin who can't drive.

Telemachus smells like teen spirit.

Odysseus and Penelope: the original Ross and Rachel?

Penelope told her suitors they "can't touch this".

Will Odysseus ever make it to (Pauly) Shore?

So good your Tamagotchi will die of neglect.

Calypso held Odysseus for seven years against his will, how rude!

Put down the pogs and go gank a copy, yeah baby!

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