Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Pleasant Thanksgiving Post: What I'm Thankful For, the Micro and the Macro by Alex Snider

The Micro:

My mum, my dad, my brother, my sister. Rebekah. My kick-ass friends. My family who's stuck around. The dance party I was at Friday night. Rebekah's family for being my surrogate family when my own is so far away (and for taking me in for Thanksgiving this weekend). My health and my mobility (stay with me, right knee!). My access to education. My bike. My apartment, howling pipes and all. Duggan's Number 9 IPA and Mill Street Tankhouse Ale. The sunny day. My brand new internship (!!!!). My friend Adam for publishing some of my work at his website Little Red Umbrella. Student loans. My childhood. The clean water that comes from my taps. Applewood smoked cheddar. Skype. Universal healthcare. The breeze that is breezing on in through my window right now. Leopard print. Paz De La Huerta interviews. Watching TV online. Really good writing that inspires me to want to write better. Really bad writing that increases my confidence. The Oprah/goat video.

The Macro:

Universal healthcare. Tim Hudak's implosion. All the Torontonians who have taken a stand against 'Ford  Nation'. Occupy Wall Street. The Keystone Pipeline protesters in Washington. Arab Spring. Slutwalk organizers and participants who have made it a world-wide movement. Those who have spoken up about Slutwalks problems of exclusion towards women of colour. Wikileaks. The lives of Fred Shuttlesworth, Wangari Maathai, Steve Jobs, Jack Layton and Derrick Bell. Enda Kenny's fearless calling out of the Vatican and their abhorrent track record of protecting pedophiles. Leymah Gbwee, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Tawakul Karman and their work towards gender equality. The announcement of Arrested Development Season 4. Most of all I'm thankful for all the people who everyday risk something, their lives, reputation, jobs, relationships, to make the world a better place. 


  1. "Paz De La Huerta interviews" is one of my top three favourite parts of this post.

  2. Are the other two you and the Oprah/goat video?

  3. I'm even more self-centered than that. Me and the dance party and Paz.