Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blue Collar/White Wash by Rebekah Hakkenberg

1953 Dickies Mens Pants Blue Collar Uniform Fashion Clothing Menswear Illustration Vintage Advertisement 1950s
I am a sucker for any sort of analysis/deconstruction of fashion trends through the lens of its social/economic/historical context, and this piece by Nathan Cardon for The Toronto Standard is no exception:

So when we buy our Carhartt jackets to go over our Gant Rugger sweaters, let’s remember the erasures that have taken place. More than anyone, minority groups in America have done the down and dirty work. If we celebrate the American worker, or a romantic image thereof, let’s have an inclusive vision. A vision that will make space for not only industrial workers but farmers, migrant labourers, and all those who put in an honest day to pay the rent. In doing so, we may take a tentative and no doubt small step in escaping the legacies of race in our supposedly “post-racial society.”
Seriously, go read the rest of it here.

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