Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sh*t People Say by Alex Snider

The viral videos Sh*t Girls Say have spawned a lot of awesome videos. Taking the original videos that mocks things that (some) women say based solely on the punchline that women are kinda dumb (my feelings on the series are summed up perfectly by this article at  She Was So Disarming), the other videos have used the format and turned it around to show the ignorance, thoughtlessness and cruelty that those with privilege from dominant groups often approach groups who have been oppressed. I love the videos because they demonstrate the power of words, the prevalence of stereotypes, the dynamics of privilege and the subtly of racism and prejudice all with humour and all under five minutes. 

Watch them all.

*UP DATED* More (horrific) videos! Thanks BTSF for the link to Sh*t White Guys Say to Asian Girls! Who else needs a scalding hot brain bath after that? After them all, really... And a part 2 to Sh*t White Girls Say to Black Girls. Oh man, I hope this meme never stops!

Thanks to Black Coffee Poet for introducing me to most of these through his Facebook!

*UP DATED* And a couple more!

And if you or someone you know is curious as to why these videos aren't racist (eye roll), BTSF links to a video outlining why they aren't in the comments.


  1. Also to 'Shit White Guys Say to Asian Girls':

  2. One more that may be of interest here, "why 'Sh*t White Girls say to black girls' isn't racist":