Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"Bring on the Steamed Croutons" Posted by Alex Snider

BLR (BadLipReading) masterfully dubs inanities over random political speeches and music videos to create hilarious, nonsensical YouTube videos. Most notably the GOP 2012 candidates. The hardest part must be coming up with shit that's even more ridiculous than what the candidates have actually said.


"At noon on Wednesday I'm gonna be leaving a watermelon pineapple treasure inside of Liam Neeson. He's the one with the cooked fish allergy."


"I will strip for wild flowers."


"And I borrow meat to provide for my puddytat."


"Let's go out and shop and just grease a big nickel."

And the quitters:


"Get these goats for the computer industry."


"I get to birthday fight all my high school and journey freak friends cause you know me if you're in danger and odd-sized count on me."


"Watch out for these spiders. Big potato moths. Big potato moths. Achoo."

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