Thursday, February 23, 2012

Must Read: Rob Ford's War on Facts Posted by Rebekah Hakkenberg

I just couldn't stand to look at another picture of our less than
photogenic mayor.  So how about a picturesque view of the
fjords of Norway, instead? Much better, I think.
There is a riveting piece over on our companion blog, The Little Red Umbrella by Adam Bunch, on Rob Ford and the alarming trend in Conservative politics to disregard the facts. You should read it. Here is an excerpt:
"It would be all too easy to dismiss Ford as a petulant child throwing a tantrum because things haven't gone his way. In many ways, he is. But he is also threatening to do real and lasting damage to the way government works in this city. He is trying to chip away at the foundations of our democracy. And he is not alone. He's just a local example of a brand of conservative who wages war on information itself. From creationists to climate change deniers, they are suspicious of knowledge, believe a reliance on facts is elitist, and that evidence-based decision-making is socialism run rampant. The Daily Kos has called it "a dismissal of the very notion that objective fact can be determined." Stephen Colbert calls it truthiness."

Read the entire thing here. And stay tuned for the follow up article on Dear Leader Stephen Harper.


  1. Can you please undo the collar button on that Fjord's shirt?

  2. Just mention LRT's and that baby will pop right off.