Friday, February 17, 2012

On the War on Women by Alex Snider

This doesn't happen in a vacuum. This didn't come out of nowhere. The attack on contraception, the numerous attempts to outlaw a woman's right to govern her own choices, her own body undertaken by the American government and individual States is not a fucking surprise. 

If we had been treated as allies from the beginning, if women's issues had been viewed as everyone's issues then we wouldn't be here looking at State-sanctioned rape. Maybe instead of handwaving away complaints of inequality, of systemic misogyny and saying that other issues are more important, that "we'll get to [rape/childcare/missing and murdered WoC/the pay gap/maternity leave/domestic abuse/trans and queer hate/objectification and exploitation/violence against women/glass ceiling] next time", women could have been viewed as equals from the get-go. Instead of jokes about hysteria, jokes that diminish and marginalize, women could have been listened to and taken seriously about being second class citizens. Because this, all of this patriarchal and oppressive bullshit is the fucking proof.  

It's fantastic that what is going on in America is (finally) bringing out so many men who are standing up and saying that the recent attacks on uterus and ovary having people is unacceptable, seriously I do. I just wish it hadn't taken legalized rape.

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