Sunday, March 4, 2012

What's Next? by Alex Snider

If American women are denied insurance to cover contraception, what's next? 
If women are called sluts and prostitutes for using birth control, what's next?
If women are forced to undergo transvaginal ultrasounds before they can have a legal abortion, what's next?
If fetus' are granted more rights than the women carrying them, what's next?
If women are arrested for peacefully protesting laws that challenge their right to bodily autonomy, what's next?
If single mothers are targeted by legislation that deems their situation "a contributing factor to child abuse and neglect", what's next?

When do they outright halt the sale of contraception?
When do they come for maternity leave?
When do they outlaw single-mothers, either by making divorce impossible for women to pursue or by forcing women to marry the fathers of their children?
When do they start sterilizing the poor and other women "unworthy" of being mothers? 
When do they stop hiring women of child-bearing age?
When do they stop the education of women?
When do they implement witch-hunts and punishments for "sluts" and "whores"?
When do they start legislating clothing for women?
When do they start monitoring fertile women?
When do they start outlawing trans people and lesbians?
When does it all trickle up to Canada? 
When does The Handmaid's Tale start getting shelved in Current Events?

(Image from the Folio Society)

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