Sunday, April 15, 2012

Girl in Grey (1939)
 posted by Rebekah Hakkenberg

Girl in Grey, 1939, oil on canvas by Louis le Brocquy
Ferrens Art Gallery: Hull Museums and Art Gallery

From the artist's website:
"Girl in Grey (1939; Ferrens Art Gallery, Kingston upon Hull), a tribute to the constantly recurring luminous grey tones of Goya's portraits. Modelled by Jean Stoney on the rooftop terrace of his Menton studio, the work provides early evidence of the artist's restriction ofcolour and tone. Le Brocquy explains: 'From the start I've been fascinated by colour in all its aspects, yet somehow bright hues have rarely entered my painting. Maybe this could have something to do with my early love of the so-called "living" whites and greys in the paintings of Edouard Manet and the great Spaniards Goya and Velasquez.'"

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