Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Hypocrisy of the Right, Again: That Old Chestnut by Alex Snider

Hustler is disgusting. Larry Flynt is vile. This picture that was photoshopped of SE Cupp, the conservative commentator, is horrible and reprehensible. Sexualizing and dehumanizing a woman no matter what her views, is wrong. Full stop. I'm especially repulsed by the stunt because the accompanying text is chastising Cupp for her anti-choice, anti-Planned Parenthood stance. Seriously, photoshopping a dick into a woman's mouth in defence of feminist ideals, in defence of my rights is as big of a fuck you to women as any of the filth that Cupp spills on a daily basis.

So, Larry Flynt: Scum bag. That picture: Fucking wrong. As a feminist and as a human being I condemn photoshopping dicks into mouths.

That brings me to Cupp's response
“The National Organization for Women, NOW, will not come out and say liberal women deserve more respect than conservative women and we are not going to defend conservative women. They’re not going to admit to that but let me tell you that is exactly how they feel...It seems that feminism has devolved into an institution that has picked losers and winners and has decided that some women qualify for respect and other women do not.” 
Nope. No fucking way. Cupp is just trolling everyone right? She does not get to shit all over other women's choices, be in favour of defunding Planned Parenthood, be besties with Newt and Santorum and Beck and the rest of those GOP jerk-offs and then chastise (real*) feminists for not having her back. Holy fuck, gurl. It's like someone stabbing you repeatedly in the back and then expecting you to buy them an ice-cream cone. 

My favourite thing, next to trees lit up at night (seriously, so beautiful) is when a left-leaning dude reveals himself to be a misogynist and the right-wing fanatics get all up in arms and start blaming feminism for everything. As if tonnes of feminists aren't already condemning the assholes. Like everyone demanding Sandra Fluke stand by Cupp now (I mean, Cupp did stand up for Fluke *eyeroll*). Except she already fucking did! Oh snap! But seriously, right wing, y'all can have Maher and Olbermann. Misogyny knows no political bounds, amirite ladies?! 

I have no problem condemning men (and women) for misogynistic (and racist, ablest, classist, sizeist ect) attacks no matter where they, or their victims, fall on the political spectrum. It would be really, really nice if those in the right-wing would do the same. How is Rush doing these days?

Also, anyone else finding it knee-slapping-hilarious that Hustler is being touted as 'liberal media'? Yeah, all us feminists *love* us some Hustler. Although personally, I prefer Jugs.

*Women who are genuinely in favour of women having equal rights i.e. having bodily autonomy. 

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