Monday, May 28, 2012

Worst Job Interview Ever Posted by Alex Snider

This is a video starring our very hilarious, brilliant and extremely talented friend, Dave Merheje about an extreme job interview.

The worst interview I ever had was ten years ago for a serving job at one of those restaurants where the women servers always have to wear their hair long and loose and wear super short skirts. They asked me to tell a joke; I panicked and told a really sexual, racist one. And I completely butchered it. I'm ashamed on so many levels, yet I still feel a twinge of superiority for never having asked anyone to tell me a joke. I was also once asked that if I could be any kind of vegetable or fruit, what would I be. Still not sure how that displays my ability to bring chicken finger platters out to tables but I was like "sure, I'd be a strawberry 'cause they're sweet and everybody likes them" (I recoiled as soon as I said it). I got the job and gave it a pass. Thanks for thinking of me, Applebees. 

Anyway, at least I wasn't ever given a Sophie's choice like poor Dave. (Dave – with Arthur Simeon – has a big Canadian tour, Legends in the Making, happening right now that you can check dates and cities on his Facebook page.)

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