Friday, June 15, 2012

NXNE Day Two: Late Texts, In The Dark by Alex Snider

It's the big North by Northeast music festival here in Toronto this week (which I'm covering for The Little Red Umbrella – my first review of the ever fantastic Tomboyfriend is here!) which means hanging in the park all day, watching bands, then riding from venue to venue, seeing a band every hour from about 8 or 9 on. It also means a lot of cocktails because, I don't know, social lubrication? Something to do with my hands? It tastes good? 

Yesterday I saw some fracking awesome shows, namely Houston noise-rapper B L A C K I E and Nashville witchy garage-rockers The Black Belles (both of whom I'll be reviewing for the 'Brella). Plus caught some lovely tunes (and rays) in the park as part of the Young Lions Club's Great Heart Festival, including Julie Doiron, The Belle Game and Husky. (If you're in Toronto and have a chance I highly recommend making it out for more of Trinity Bellwoods music fun, life does not get any better than that. Shows usually start around 2:15 and go until about 5. Also, tonight if you aren't NXNEing and want to laugh your face off come and see our friend Dave Merheje and Arthur Simeon do their kick-ass standup at the St Lawrence Centre for the Arts. Or if you are NXNEing, after that show I'm gonna hit up the F-Holes at the Monarch Tavern for some Winnipeg love and then the Death Set at Wrong Bar. SO MUCH TO SEE/DO; BEST WEEKEND EVER.)

After 11 hours of sun, booze, music (if those kids who made fun of my helmet and volunteer t-shirt could see me now!) and arriving home to a power outage I apparently sent a few last texts: 

My power. Is out. I'm scared of Bloody Mary.

I xidnt drink enough. Water today. What a bummwe

Nlooooooo so much to seeee ! Its so dark. Im glad I cleaned my room. And fojnd a flashlight. Fucking bloody mary gets to me man. /end scene

Bloody Mary ain't nothing to fuck with.

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