Thursday, October 11, 2012

Doris and Mona and the Mysterious Happenings at Sugar Shack Ranch by Alex

Mona: You know, Dorrie, perhaps we took that little prank too far.

Doris: I was just thinking that.

Mona: I just found it infuriating the way they were always referring to one another as "boyish", "pleasantly plump" and "titian-haired".

Doris: Oh, don't forget "Nancy Drew: The girl sleuth".

Mona: Ugh, how could I ever.

Doris: It did seem that they were a bit old to be constantly looking for mysteries to solve. I think they were due for a lesson.

Mona: And certainly too old to believe that ghosts stole my heirloom necklace. I mean, really, it was too easy.

Doris: lol.

Mona: But we couldn't have known that there was actually sinister happenings and that Curley was running a human trafficking ring! How could we have known!

Doris: We could not have known.

Mona: We weren't the one's who kidnapped Bess in retaliation for snooping! We weren't responsible for George's reckless and fatal gamble! Now Nancy is missing and presumably sold, Ned was found beheaded in Juarez while both Burt and Dave are in prison in Mexico.

Doris: Things did escalate quickly.

Mona: Those poor dim but spirited young people!

Doris: Poor Hannah... When she hears...

Mona: Mostly I'm just irritated that now we're stuck having to wrangle all these horses without any help.

Doris: We're supposed to be relaxing. Those damned meddling teenagers.

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