Monday, November 22, 2010

Rebekah and I are both sick right now and barely able to muster the strength to channel surf (oh, and I've had to write two papers this weekend) so here is a brief and lazy roundup of what I would write about if I  didn't have five pounds phlegm in my chest.

  • On Saturday, Rebekah and I went to the Black Hoof charcuterie with my aunt and uncle and my aunt-in-law and uncle-in-law. We ate bone marrow and it changed our lives.
  • After that we went out for a drink with our super awesome friend Adam, who has a really interesting blog about the history of Toronto here, and I found girl's earring on the floor so her boyfriend bought me a shot. Unfortunately, I ruined their goodwill towards me when they went out for a smoke and I thought they left so I chased them outside with a shopping bag I thought they forgot. Oddly, this was the second time I made this mistake while out with Adam but last time I made him follow them outside. I guess I should take note of the full pint glasses left on the table next time.
  • I also really want to write about what a disappointment Boardwalk Empire has turned into. 
Ok, that's it. Very lackluster, I know so here is quite possibly the greatest video ever made:

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