Saturday, April 16, 2011

Little Red Umbrella is Our Best Friend

If blogs were capable of having meaningful relationships, Little Red Umbrella would be Once Again, to Zelda's BFF. 

We'd go to movies together, maybe even a vacation; we'd know when we ran into someone at brunch and Little Red tensed up and giggled too much that that was the high school crush. 

We would tell stories together like, they'd say one line and we'd interject with a little detail and then they'd keep going before we interjected again -- like a choreographed dance. 

Our Facebook's would be filled with pictures of us together, making funny faces and the captions would be, "LOL, inside joke!" 

We'd share our favourite things and let the other take a sip of our beer without any concern for germs and Little Red could always have a few fries.

We'd do things like tell our other friends about how awesome Little Red Umbrella is; like how they know so much about music to dance around to and go to so many shows and meet so many awesome bands. And Toronto history. And fashion. And authors. And how they're really amazing at photography. And how politically active they are and how they are interviewing all the fringe party leaders. And how all around really cool they are and how glad we are that we are friends and that if you like cool things and Toronto, music, books, politics, art, fashion, photography and history then you should be friends with them too. 

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