Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Most Beautiful Thing I Saw Today: Sewing Machine Orchestra

"Martin Messier is a composer, a performer and a video artist. His curiosity for graphic arts has brought him to explore the relationship between sound and image. It's this same interest that inspires him to create audio performance, live electronics, installation video music, music for dance and theatre.
Based on strong aptitudes for rhythm, martin's aesthetic can be defined as a complex, left field and happily strange sound amalgam, constantly playing with construction and deconstruction." (From the artist's website here)

I love the juxtaposition of using antique objects to create a super modern sound. I also appreciate the fact that a male artist is using "instruments" that are traditionally associated with women's work to create electronic music, which is often seen as (but not necessarily) a "masculine" musical genre.

via Colossal, which is where you can see more pictures and a longer video of this performance, along with an interview with the artist (en Français)

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