Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Songs: Stevie Effing Nicks

This woman is a boss

For the last 6 days, I've had to be up and out of bed at 4:45am in order to work a 13 hour day. This was also the week that Alex and I decided to rent Season 1 of The Wire. Now, you don't just "watch" The Wire, it's not something you can have on in the background while you're making dinner and catching up on your correspondence, no. You have to play constant, vigilant attention in order to keep track of who's who, what's happening, and what the heck they're saying. So yeah, you could say that I haven't had a chance to turn my brain "off" all week, add that to 5 hours of sleep per night, and you might have an idea of how much I was looking forward to going home and crashing last night.

Then, my awesome friend Geoff called me on my break at around 4:30, said he had 2 tickets for Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks, and he couldn't go. They just happened to be performing just 5 minutes away from where I've been working, and were going on at 7:30, which was exactly when I was done for the week! I may or may not have jumped out of my seat when he said Stevie Nicks. So I convinced my amazing mother (a huge Rod Stewart fan) to drop what she was doing and come with me.

Postponing the end of my week was sooooo worth it, Stevie isn't just the Queen of Rock, she's it's Sorceress. And I'll admit, Rod Stewart is a great performer and showman. His portion of the night was very much a tribute to Motown, with a trio of back-up singers behind him who blew me away. It was a strange, anachronistic combination, but it somehow worked. I'll probably write more about the actual concert when I've caught up on a bit of sleep, but in the meantime I'm just going to play me some Stevie Nicks while I get ready to go to Slut Walk, and reminisce about last night. Enjoy.

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  1. Here via Feministe :)

    I adore Stevie! You are so lucky. I saw her perform with most of the original members of Fleetwood Mac a couple of years ago.