Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Real Talk: Problem I'm Facing RIGHT NOW by Alex Snider

Problem: The sun is too effing bright

Why is this seemingly non-problem a problem? Because I'm sitting on day bed (fighter of the night bed), on my computer and the sun is shining on the screen and now I can see all dust and smudges and the smear from when I was wolfing down pho while reading Frankie Muniz Tweets (I think he's lonely {:( ) and laughing with my mouth open n' full o' pho (the only way to laugh!). And the sun is actually in my eyes. Urgh.

Possible solutions: Draw the curtains. Move to the other side of day bed (uhhhhhhhhhhh-ooooooooooooh).

Road-blocks to these solutions: While "draw the curtains" sounds like a wonderful line from a Joan Collins novel, it's a beautiful day out there folks and I'm not some kind of monster hacking up a body in my living room so I'd kind of like to enjoy the sunshine. God.

I guess that leaves me with moving all my pillows to the other side of day bed (master of karate. And friendship!) to begin the long struggle of finding the perfect position where I'm completely at ease (ha! Joke's on you! I'm NEVER at ease! Just realized the joke's actually on me) mildly comfortable. The artistic temperament, amirite?!

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