Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Problem I Just Faced by Alex Snider

This morning was my turn to run out and get coffee and breakfast for Rebekah and I so like the classy dame I am, I just pulled on a pair of jeans (ugh, don't you hate pants?!) and threw on one (!) of my leopard print coats. (*side-note* I absolutely love these coats and they kind of keep my self-esteem afloat all spring, winter and fall – goddamn summer. I got my first one 7 years ago when few other people were wearing them other than really old ladies and toddlers, which I kind of loved, and now they're all over the place which is also really cool because they are so incredibly amazing and everyone, everyone, should have one! Also, Mischa Barton was once on SVU playing sex-worker and she had auburn hair and was wearing a leopard print coat, coloured tights, red lipstick, floral-patterned dress and heels. Incidentally I had worn almost the exact same thing that day. Although much nicer shoes. /end side-note) This left me with a predicament: which shoes to wear.

Obviously it was early, I'd just rolled out of bed and tying up or zipping up shoes/boots was not an option. That left footwear that could be slipped on without me bending.

Given that I needed a coat in the first place, flip flops were out. 

Heels were a no-go given my whole torn-meniscus thing (I still cheat with this one but I have to choose my battles, the Sunday morning coffee run is not really worth damaging myself further).

The shoelace-less Vans that I stole from my sister (she worked at a skate shop! She had tonnes! Sorry Shauna! Also, were they ever meant to have shoelaces? I'm not up to date in sneaker trends) were much to casual to pair with the awesome coat and hot-mess look I had going on (ie my bangs were askew).

And although I have a deep, passionate love for all things leopard-print I could not bring myself to wear matching slip-on flats. 

I ended up having to bend over and zip up boots. It was horrible. I am glad, however, that I decided not to go barefoot considering how many puddles of vomit and chicken bones I had to avoid in the walk to the corner (literally like 25 feet). Ah, yes, the joys of living next to the all-night bus (the vomit comet) stop in a neighbourhood filled with bars. And lots of chicken restaurants? 


  1. You left out the best part! That you tucked the vintage slip that you wore to bed into your jeans before throwing your coat on over top. I know you didn't want me to say that, but it was golden.

  2. I didn't want to seem too cool...