Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Short Visual Essay of Five Things I Love (and One Thing I Hate) Posted by Alex Snider

These three pictures have nothing in common. Or do they?! Well, each one fills me with mirth and keeps me smirking when otherwise I'd be slipping into further despair over (not) writing final papers. But aside from being hilarious, there are five specific things having to do with these pictures that I adore. And one that I wish would be stricken from the earth forever.

5 Things I Love and the One I Can't Stand:

1.Oh man, do I ever love Shaq (after Larry Bird and Magic's friendship, he's my favourite thing about basketball)
2. Rain ponchos (is Shaq on The Maid of the Mist?)
3. Paris by Jay Z and Kanye
4. Twin Peaks
5. Word play

But, goddammit, I loath pandas. 

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