Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A$AP Rocky: 'Ridin' (Feat. Lana Del Rey) Posted by Alex

It's been a year since Lana Del Rey unleashed Video Games on the internet and a year since the internet unleashed its concentrated mean girl vitriol back at her. Next time you know a kid getting bullied (or maybe the next time you get bullied?) just remember Lana and how it only took a year for the constant barrage of venom to subside. A year is nothing, guys! You might live to be 90! Or 100! Drink lots of water! Besides, now she's doing tracks with some of the hottest players in the game. And there was speculation that she was dating Axel Rose. All right, nice! Just kidding, I'm pretty sure that is Dante's 10th circle of hell (Dating).

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