Thursday, August 9, 2012

Baby Saga: A Happy, Sad, Happy Story by Alex

This is Baby.
Keepin' it casual

He is one of several Babies that chill in the store I work at with my friends.
"It's a tampon in a teacup"
Baby got (on) back
One day we spotted him on like this with the sun hitting him just so. It was not planned but it was spectacular. He was Baby on Stage.
Once Baby got a taste of fame, he couldn't get enough of the spotlight
Obviously, that was the best thing in the world and no one was to ever touch Baby. New hires were given strict instructions to not ever, ever move Baby. He got dusty. And cobwebby. It was all part of his charm.
In an unexpected twist, Baby's specialty are Crash Test Dummies' covers. "MmmmmMmmmm"
One day Baby was gone. Only little footprints remained.
Size -22, hard to find shoes that fit
It was traumatic and resulted in several dramatic Facebook threads, which became increasingly desperate (and caps-locke-y) as the days went by with no sign of Baby.

There were also frantic notes left in the communication book at work:
Heh heh, "filling holes"
Then suddenly, Baby came home. Back on stage. Back directly into his footprints.
"I'll never telllllll"
It's very mysterious. Where did he go? What adventures did he have? Who is messing with us? Who would dare to touch Baby? I've started watching The X-Files.

We want to get Baby tattoos. Good idea? He's so joyous!

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