Thursday, August 16, 2012

One Thought on Julian Assange Before I Lose My Goddamn Mind and Start Weeping in a Corner Because Preserving Rape Culture is More Important Than Anything, EVER by Alex

Perhaps I am still too much of an optimist, or something, too naive maybe, but if the message of Wikileaks is that transparency must and will exist in government and military communications and operations, and freedom of speech, and democracy, and accountability, and the people vs the man, then isn't it a bit hinderance to place so much importance on Julian Assange alone? Will Wikileaks fall if he's tried and found guilty of rape? Does the organization consist only of him? I realize that he is the director and founder and editor-in-chief, but is he completely irreplaceable? Is he completely above the law? What if he was brought up on murder charges? Pedophilia? What is the line?

Shouldn't the strength of Wikileaks be that the organization and more importantly, the ideas are bigger than one person? That regardless of what happens, governments will be transparent and accountable. Unless this is just another example of rape culture at work. Another case of telling rape survivors that they'd better shut the fuck up because no one will ever listen because rape is not a big deal, no one will ever take it or them seriously.

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