Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Songs: Best Original Song Predictions From A Complete Amateur

1."I See The Light" by Alan Menken, for Tangled
I really really love this song. It reminds me of all those gorgeous 90s Disney ballads I grew up with, but sounds fresh and modern, too. It's pretty. Based merely on the fact that it's the only song nominated that I feel like listening to more than once, I think this has a good chance of winning.

2. "We Belong Together" by Randy Newman, for Toy Story 3
Okay, I totally take that back. I could listen to this one over and over, too. It's so upbeat! And catchy! And yeah, Randy Newman's pretty freakin' awesome, too. The critics all seem to think he'll get it this time. And he really deserves a win. I'm kinda split, but still leaning towards "I See The Light".

3. "If I Rise" Dido and A.R Rahman, for 127 Hours
Hmmm, this is a tough one. I like it? But, I don't love it. It's definitely beautiful, the orchestration is lovely, but does it stir anything in me emotionally? I doubt it. It's a fine song, but it just doesn't grab me the way the Menken and Newman songs do.

4. "Coming Home" for Country Strong
Uh, No. I think my ears are bleeding.

What are your predictions? Any ideas on Best Score? I'm stumped. NPR makes an excellent case for How To Train Your Dragon, and I tend to agree that it's the score that should win. But I spent most of my teen years playing "The Downward Spiral" on repeat, so the 14 year old fangirl in me is hoping to see Trent Reznor win for The Social Network tonight. A.R Rahman did a fine job on 127 Hours, and Hans Zimmer's score for Inception made quite the impact on the YouTube crowd, but The King's Speech seems to be the safe pick in every category in which it was nominated. Any thoughts?

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