Thursday, March 22, 2012

5 Band Names Inspired By Rob Ford's Maniacal March 22 by Alex Snider

Could Rob Ford be a band-name-creating savant? I think maybe? Just today in his three sputtering TTC rages he came up with five reaaaaally convincing rock monikers. TO musicians take note:

Fancy Streetcar People 

Subways. SUBWAYS! 

Boondoggle of Billions 

These Damn Streetcars 

Mayhem on St. Clair 

Which is your favourite? I really dig These Damn Streetcars. I'd definitely like to see them.


  1. No, no, I'm all about Mayhem on St.Clair these days. I know everybody is always going on about their first album, but they need to get their hipster attitudes out of their asses and really LISTEN to their second album. I mean, where else except maybe Joy Division are you going to get JG Ballard references? These guys are BRILLIANT.

  2. Yeah but what else is there beyond the Ballard references? I mean really?! Is there anything there beyond pretentious posturing? Give me These Damn Streetcars and their self-aware, satirical pop stylings any day. Sure it sounds kinda shallow but then you realize that they're actually telling the history of music in this really fun way.