Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lest We Forget Judge Dewar is Criminally Negligent... by Alex Snider

 Photo from CBC
Just so no one thinks we've gone soft what with all the pretty pictures and Ninja Turtles, we want to remind you all to keep on the Judge Dewar business. The Winnipeg Sun is alleging that he has been all about rape-apology in the past but I can't find any further confirmation and since it's the Sun, I'm a little wary (not that I am not one hundred percent positive that he's a completely incompetent turd with an extensive history of misogynistic and reckless rulings who should be removed from the bench I just want to hear it from someone with an ounce of journalistic integrity).

He has been removed from cases involving sexual assault which is a step but dude should be removed entirely because if a judge can't make a ruling in a rape case that doesn't blame the survivor than is he really fit to make any other decision? He's already shown his misogyny and that his delicate morals get in the way.

The Canadian Judicial Panel is reviewing the complaints so thank you to everyone who has made their voices heard! It's mighty satisfying, no? Let's keep the ball rolling and continue to press for justice for the women who have suffered because Judge Dewar has deemed them guilty of inviting rape.

Sign this petition (over 600 signatures already!), email the CJP here, join this Facebook group and spread the word. Send the message that misogyny and rape-culture will not be tolerated.


The CBC has posted an article about a case of Dewar's in which he acquitted a man accused of molesting his 11/12 year old niece because of "slow reporting and returning to the environment in which the alleged incidents occurred are matters which could be inconsistent with the allegations". Yep, a child who takes awhile to report being raped by a trusted authority figure and doesn't leave her home because of the assaults should have her veracity questioned. Good call, Dewar. What a piece of human garbage. Fuck. 

Double the efforts, gang.


  1. Upsetting to say the least... double the efforts indeed

  2. I differ. I do not even have to beg to do so.

    Judge Dewar was and is CORRECT about girls who lead guys on, then cry "rape" when things get too far. He is absolutely right about the effect of clothing (short, and/or showing cleavage) and inappropriate behaviour (seductive) on a man of any age.

    I shake my head when I read about the "outrage" expressed by Manitobans, and events like the recent "Slutwalks" held in some of our cities. Talk about new-speak, and twisting things around as per Huxley's "Brave New World".

    Why don't you try an experiment, ladies? Instead of scheduling "slutwalks", schedule a year or 6 months of lady-like bahaviour and lady-like dressing cross-Canada, and see if the "rape" rate doesn't plummet.

  3. Perhaps before you comment on sexual assault you should educate yourself on the fact that men rape because of power and because they know that there are people like you out there who will make excuses for them and shame their victims into silence.

    You can call raising awareness about rape and fighting against the exhausted argument "she asked for it" "Brave New World" but the alternative you are suggesting is more "Handmaid's Tale".

    But hey, thanks for the comment. It's useful for people who believe that no woman should be sexually assaulted to see that there is still a fight worth having...