Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Songs:And Now For Something Completely Different

I can't really explain this week's Sunday Songs. Blame it all on Rebecca Black. Celebrity culture and consumerism and the weirdness of human behaviour is just on my mind. They're not all songs, for one thing. This is a small, random selection of the things that have held my attention or fascination (or were just plain weird) this week. Mark Flood/Fluid dons a Charlie Sheen mask and raps (Amazing.). A lady shows her man her armpit and laughs (odd). A man dresses up like a leopard (terrifying). Rye Rye likes hardcore girls (awesome). and Serene Branson sings. Sort of (weirdly compelling). As a companion piece, Brett Easton Ellis shares his thoughts on Charlie Sheen over at the Daily Beast. I'm not a BEE fan by any means, but he has some interesting things to say about Sheen. I don't totally agree, (I think Sheen needs help and also um, needs to stop beating up women) but they are interesting. And it's got me playing "Empire/Post-Empire" with everything now.

So, Rebecca Black: Empire or Post-Empire?

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