Saturday, March 5, 2011

Weekend Wrangle

It's the weekend! Hurray for all you saps who have gone all 9-5 and get to have things like health coverage and weekends and water-cooler talk about Criminal Minds, you get to have two days off to do fun things like go for hikes and swim with chimps (obviously, I have no idea what people do on weekends other than study and work and I'm just jealous and am beginning to think that I'm going to have to work weekends forever to support myself while I go after my craaaaazy dream of being a writer not to mention that I'm not even working today but I do have a huge take-home exam which I'm impressively procrastinating on -- I feel weird writing an exam in my pj's and sleep lines -- but I digress...).

So, without further ramblings, here are some of our favourite internets-things from this week that you can read whilst eating bonbons and chortling over New Yorker cartoons...

The Truth in True Grit: Or, Everything I Really Need to Know About Postmodernism I Learned From Joel and Ethan Coen Max Weintraub Art:21 Blog. Kinda feel like the title on this one says it all...

Blue Femin-ine Angela Januzzi We Who Are About To Die. Ever said something like, "gah, what is up with Indie movies and their fucking cardboard women characters who are little more than fluffers for their very sensitive, emotionally broken, pent-up, misunderstood, awkward, workaholic male counterparts"? Then this here is an article you want to read! Also, read this one from The Atlantic first.

Ask an Abortion Provider Dolores P. The Hairpin. Litmus test: if this doesn't make you well-up, you might be a monster! Everything that needs to be said about abortion is in this amazing post -- if you read nothing else from this round up, read this!

Supreme Canadian Overlord, Stephen Harper, takes another step in the direction of dictator:

And people at CBC, CTV, MacLeans, Globe and Mail, even all the Suns are calling bullshit. Note to the Tories, if even your sensationalist lapdog media sources see this "rebranding" as fucked up, ur doing it wrong. I feel like there will definitely be more to come on this one...

Also, someone of the mainstream media noticed that there is a genocide in Canada in which 500-2000 Aboriginal women are missing and/or murdered. Long fucking over due, but thank you Globe and Mail and Andre Picard for finally calling attention to this travesty. Maybe next time, it could be placed somewhere other than the Life section. Here are some other links where other people are talking and have been talking about this atrocity: Black Coffee Poet, No More Silence, Missing Justice, Native Women's Association of Canada. (Update, just realized the Globe and Mail article is not from this week, it's actually from 2009. Yep, that's how much the mainstream media cares about Aboriginal women. Well, that shit really brought me down.)

For anyone keeping track, the zombie apocalypse is nigh. Start planning a survival strategy; I hear that rural communities are your best bet for survival -- lots of farming equipment, gasoline and provisions.

Our favourite Toronto blog, Little Red Umbrella, has posted their second list of songs to dance around your apartment to, so get on it, jump on it, something something something...

Favourite video that mocks horrific reality TV show of the week: I want to be Tom Hanks' friend?

And, finally, we'd like to say that we do not approve of all the LOLZ, Charlie Sheen is WACK business; dude has issues but he also BEAT THE SHIT out of many, many wives, girlfriends and escorts. And, he SHOT Kelly Preston, so there's that. *UPDATE* Thank you to our super-friend, Ethan , for giving us a link to this amazing article by Anna Holmes about why Charlie Sheen's looooong history of domestic abuse is ignored.

Well then, have a great weekend everyone; I will think of you all, often and fondly.


  1. Agreed - No more LOLZ please:

  2. Thanks for the link, Ethan! I'm adding it to the post!