Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Et Tu, Star?

Thanks, Toronto Star, thanks for getting in on the "why would someone like DSK need to rape a maid he got money and power and she's a lowely maid! I call honeypot conspiracy!" action. I don't actually know whether to laugh or, nope, I'm just pissed at the ridiculous tone of this "France is burning, whatever shalt we do" crap. 

Of course, it's always only a matter of time when a man is accused of rape before the woman accusing him becomes the subject of scrutiny and ridicule and all the shit that quite frankly the man accused of rape should be on the receiving end of but come on, Toronto Star, you have absolutely nothing to gain in this. There is seemingly no point to printing shit like: 
France goes to bed with new nightmarish images: DSK at the court hearing, looking exhausted and haggard. In France, cameras are not allowed in courtrooms. The real shock comes when DSK is denied bail. France’s ex-future president is going to spend a week at Rikers Island prison. The French feel numb. The whole nation is in denial.
Oh, nightmarish you say! Heavens! Hold on whilst I put on some pearls so I can then clutch them! What hyperbolic nonsense. He was arrested. He was charged. He is being treated like every other person who is arrested and charged in America. Actually, he is probably being treated better than a lot of other people who are arrested because he most likely will not be subjected to police brutality or have his rights trampled on in any way.

And, really the French "feel numb"? It's because they almost elected an alleged rapist to be their president, right?

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