Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Stolen Moment from the Lives of GB and Al #8

Our friends Dee and Kate were over for mojitos and cupcakes a couple days ago and we had a literary "Who's on First" type moment:

Dee -- I just finished The Road. Have any of you read it?

Alex -- Yeah... I mean, it was alright... I just really love his other work and I'm really not crazy about post-apocalyptic anything. The world already sucks enough as it is... (This is how I speak, apparently, full of ellipses. It must sound really annoying.)

(Kate nods)

Dee -- Hmm, ok. So many people say that it makes them want to go traveling but I don't know, I just didn't find it fun at all. They had bugs in their clothes. And, they were sleeping with all these women. 

(Confused looks all around)

Kate -- Hang on, do you mean On the Road?

Dee -- Yeah, that's what I said.

Kate -- No, you asked if we read The Road.

Dee -- Oh! I thought that describing it as post-apocalyptic was a little harsh! 

Of course, I will forever describe the Beats as post-apocalyptic now. And, The Road as travel lit.

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