Friday, December 2, 2011

Best Tumblrs of the Week Posted by Alex Snider

Ugly Renaissance Babies. Had any of the artists ever seen a baby before? 

Shit My Students Write. "The pelvis of a female tends to be larger and wider than males for the passage of a child, hopefully during childbirth." {: o 

The Same Picture of Dave Coulier Everyday. I like his sweater on November 24th. It brings out his eyes. I get it Alanis, I really do.

Texts from Avonlea. How are there so many stills of Diana looking hammered? 


  1. Page five of Shit My Students Write is particularly amazing:

    "It is a perverse folly of parents to try and avoid puberty in their daughters; after all, the moral of the story is that the time between menarche and marriage is just a snooze bar."

    "It is still unknown what planet we live on."

    "My people (Mexicans) were made when the Mexicans were slaves to the French, and the French kept going wanky wanky with their slaves, and then they made Spain. And Abraham Lincoln. "

    "You need to have the guts to have balls to have the brains to think about doing something as revolutionary as writing without punctuations the way eecumins did. He was a man alright."

    And Abraham Lincoln. I will now end all my points with this. And Abraham Lincoln.

  2. If only I could work in "just a snooze bar" and "and Abraham Lincoln"...

  3. Aaaaah! *Lucille Bluth scream*

    "Slavery in the end turned out to be a good thing for everyone. Because then we wouldn’t know that treating people like that was wrong. And without slavery, we never would have had a Civil Rights Movement that showed racism is bad. Thank goodness for history books because then I never would know that racism existed before."